3rd Party Tools For Using yUML With Your Apps

Easy integration for wikis, blogs, email and applications.

Generate UML from the command line

Generate UML from the desktop

Generate UML from mobile apps

Embed UML in your Wiki

.NET, PHP, Ruby, Java etc

Email Plugins

JSchnizzel Desktop Tool

JSchnizzle is a free tool developed and used internally at Alternate Computing Solutions to manage the creation and generation of light-weight UML diagrams.

Google Android

yUML Modeller is a simple Google Android app for editing yUML files on the move.

Google Mail

Here at Pocketworks we like to embed yUML diagrams in our GMail emails. It's as simple as drawing a diagram on the yUML draw diagram page and then dragging the generated image into your GMail message. For more information on the technique, read this Digital Inspiration blog post.

Attlassian Confluence

Those gurus of collaboration, Atlassian, spotted that it would be easy to use yUML within their Confluence enterprise wiki product. Customers can create and share simple UML diagrams with very little effort - exactly what yUML was designed for. If you want to learn how to use yUML in your Confluence wiki, see thier cool video explaining how, created by Bill Arconati.

Atlassin are an awesome company who help and support many Open Source software products. They make other great products inluding JIRA, Bamboo, Clover and FishEye.


MediaWiki is a popular open source wiki product used by thousands of companies. Sindri has kindly shared a detailed tutorial explaining how to easily leverage yUML within MediaWiki

What's great about this is that the extensions mechanism in MediaWiki actually makes it easier to produce yUML diagrams than directly editing URLs.


MediaWiki is a popular open source wiki product used by thousands of companies. James Saunders has created Dokuwiki yUML plugin allowing use of yUML directly within Wiki pages.

Windows Powershell Visualisations

Doug Finke has written a tutorial explaining how to use yUML for automatically visualising Powershell objects. The source code is also available. Neat!

Microsoft .NET

Chris Owen has published his yuml-dotnet plugin that is really cool. He say's it's a bit rough n' ready, but it should have you generating yUML diagrams for your .NET assemblies in no time. Bo!

Ruby on Rails Visualisation

Nelson Silva has created yUML me rails - a Rails plugin that lets developers generate instant access to UML diagrams for their models. This project has started as a clone of RailRoad, a cool tool for generating model diagrams.


Al Phillips has created the create-domain-uml plugin for Grails (GitHub Project Page). As it says on the tin, it lets you generate UML diagrams of your Grails domain model. Sweet!

Database Diagrams with Powershell and yUML

Chad Miller has been using yUML to generate database diagrams with yUML. We love it!

Easy Embedding into PmWiki Pages

Volker has put up a blog post explaining how to make yUML diagrams easily embedded in to PmWiki pages. Nice!

Using with ConnectedText Persnal Wiki System

Eduardo Mauro has reported that folks are using yUML with his ConntectedText Wiki.

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