ChangeLog - What's New?

UPDATE: As of March 18th 2020, class diagrams are parsed in a new way. They're a bit more picky! We've tested 100's of diagrams without issue. If you hit an issue, please report it on the forum and we'll fix them quickly.

March 26, 2020

  • // Comments no longer breaking your drawings. Sorry about that.
  • More tolerent of {bg:blue} in different places.

March 2020

  • Support for chaining multiple items like this: [A]->[B]->[C]
  • Better handling of international characters including Korean and Chinese
  • More flexible use of hashes and commas in classes, like this [Customer|#count|login(user,password)]
  • If you're a registered user, you can embed your named diagrams in Wikis etc
  • You can use // Comments like this in your diagrams
  • Stereotypes can be done like this: [<<IEntity>>;Customer]
  • You can redefine a class with functions and attributes and the most detailed one will be used
  • FIX: Diagram sizing works again
  • Updated samples to demo these things

Feb 2020

  • Fixed issue for paying customers where renewal didn't always work
  • You can more easily share on Twitter or Slack with the preview page

Jan 2020

  • New user interface to make drawing easier
  • New site design and home page
  • You can accesss a cheat sheet from the drawing page
  • Diagrams show in .svg by default because modern browsers support it
  • If you're registered, you'll notice your diagram dashboard is nicer