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Syntax Overview

Class [Customer]
Directional [Customer]->[Order]
Bidirectional [Customer]<->[Order]
Aggregation [Customer]+-[Order] or [Customer]<>-[Order]
Composition [Customer]++-[Order]
Inheritance [Customer]^[Cool Customer], [Customer]^[Uncool Customer]
Dependencies [Customer]uses-.->[PaymentStrategy]
Cardinality [Customer]<1-1..2>[Address]
Labels [Person]customer-billingAddress[Address]
Notes [Person]-[Address],[Address]-[note: Value Object]
Full Class [Customer|Forename;Surname;Email|Save()]
Splash of Colour[Customer{bg:orange}]<>1->*[Order{bg:green}]

Diagram Control

Scaling to 75% size https://yuml.me/diagram/scale:75/class/[Customer]+->[Order]
Scruffy with scaling to 125% size https://yuml.me/diagram/scruffy;scale:125/class/[Customer]+->[Order]
Direction: Force Left-Right https://yuml.me/diagram/dir:lr/class/[Customer]+->[Order]
Direction: Force Top-Down https://yuml.me/diagram/dir:td/class/[Customer]+->[Order]
Jpeg Images: Get Jpeg images rather than PNG https://yuml.me/diagram/class/[Customer]+->[Order].jpg
PDF: Get PDF files rather than PNG images https://yuml.me/diagram/class/[Customer]+->[Order].pdf