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Use Case Diagram Samples


<img src="https://yuml.me/diagram/usecase/[Customer]" >

Actor and Use Case

<img src="https://yuml.me/diagram/usecase/[Customer]-(Login)" >


<img src="https://yuml.me/diagram/usecase/[Customer]-(Login), [Customer]-(note: Cust can be registered or not{bg:beige})" >

Many Use Cases

<img src="https://yuml.me/diagram/usecase/[Customer]-(Login), [Customer]-(Logout)" >

Actor Inheritance

<img src="https://yuml.me/diagram/usecase/[Cms Admin]^[User]" >

Multiple Actors And Inheritance

<img src="https://yuml.me/diagram/usecase/[Cms Admin]^[User], [Customer]^[User], [Agent]^[User]" >


<img src="https://yuml.me/diagram/usecase/(Login)<(Register), (Login)<(Request Password Reminder)" >


<img src="https://yuml.me/diagram/usecase/(Register)>(Confirm Registration)" >

Meaty Example

<img src="https://yuml.me/diagram/usecase/(note: figure 1.2{bg:beige}), [User]-(Login),[Site Maintainer]-(Add User),(Add User)<(Add Company),[Site Maintainer]-(Upload Docs),(Upload Docs)<(Manage Folders),[User]-(Upload Docs), [User]-(Full Text Search Docs), (Full Text Search Docs)>(Preview Doc),(Full Text Search Docs)>(Download Docs), [User]-(Browse Docs), (Browse Docs)>(Preview Doc), (Download Docs), [Site Maintainer]-(Post New Event To The Web Site), [User]-(View Events)" >

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