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What Does yUML Sponsorshop Get Me?

A highly visible advert on every page of our site. Send us your logo and website link, and receive up to 1000 visitors a month.

Note that this prediction is based on the amount of traffic we get at Pocketworks from having a link on this site.

Will It Help Me?

If our audience is your audience, then yes. yUML draws over 12,000 unique Business Analysts, Software Architects, Developers, Students, and Lecturers each month.

If you think these are the kind of people your business needs to attract, then it's likely we can help each other.

How May Visits Will I Get Each Month?

Based on the Dec/Jan 2010 statistics, we predict you'll get about 1000 visits from our site each month. It is highly likely that these visitors will be very interested in UML, diagramming, and information architecture.

You can chose each month whether you'd like to continue sponsoring us or not. It's entirely up to you.

What Does It Cost?

yUML is a project we run for the community; we'll take anything you an offer us, $250 a month would be sweet and cover hosting and maintenance. Make us an offer :)

Next Steps

To get the ball rolling, send an email to hello@pocketworks.co.uk. Tell us when you'd like to advertise, how much you'd like to pay, and also give us your contact details. We'll get in touch and, hopefully, within 24 hours we'll have your advert in place.